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The Girl

The Girl, that's me. Joelle Iana

18 y/o (pushing on 19) I'm set out to see the world. With a probably quite naive outlook on things and expectations one could describe me as your normal modern teenie with first world problems. Books, music and photography is what get's me 'round with an ever growing love for discovering new eating habits... A certain restlessness has kept me on my toes accompanied by the never seizing need to move. I guess the nomad traditions don't really go hand in hand with the settling route my family took, which is why I'm not one to say no to escape the safe and sound walls of home.  

 Having finally graduated High School in July 2015 I started my Gap Year with a certificate in hand but no idea where this year and the years to come would lead me. As I did and still do not know what my plans include, a gap year to not only discover myself but also the world only seemed right. From the beginning I new straight away that traveling simply had to be a part of this one-time experience. However, without money there's only so much you can see if sleeping on something that at least somehow resembles a bed is one of your top requirements.

All formalities aside, to keep track of what I'm up to the next couple of months, maybe even years, I decided, or well let's just say was convinced to start up a blog. A blog, resembling an online journal to not only write down all my thoughts, impressions, experiences and anything else worth noting down but also to share with friends, family and the world where I am and what I'm currently up to.

To be continued...


  1. Joelle your blog is simply amazing. can't wait to see more. miss you! xx

    1. thank you and lots and lots of love! (:


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