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Tuesday, 8 March 2016 Havana Havana

Off I Go

It's pretty damn crazy. A little more than a week ago I was selling iPhones to various customers whilst solving their Apple-ID problems along with trying to figure out where and what I'll study come September. Nothinf And now here I am sat in a spanish airline crammed between two spanish guys and I guess taking off and completely stepping out of my comfort zone.

Even yesterday I wasn't able to comprehend the fact that in a matter of hours I would be boarding a plane, leaving the comfort and simplicity of home and heading into completely unfamiliar and foreign territory.  At first all I really felt was excitement. I must admit the excitment kiiiind of overruled the fact that I was procrastinating (something I'm a bloody champion at) not only in terms of planning 😅 but actually realizing what I was going to do. It's not everyday that you decide to leave everything behind and venture out in to the world for five months. By yourself. Oh well, now the time has come where everything sinks in. The doubt, the fear, the uncertainty next to the mind boggling anticipation. I'm all over the place to be honest.

Although saying goodbye to all of my friends was hard, it wasn't as hard as expected. It simply felt as if  I was leaving for a short holiday and would be seeing them in no time. As I said, I wasn't really aware of what I was going to do. Leaving my mom at security, however, was more than eye-opening. Only then, after some emotional tears were shed and I trotted over to security it all just came over me. Every step I took made me realize that I was distancing myself more and more from everything I knew . And let me tell you it was hard. Harder than I ever thought to not turn around, to not think 'oh, come on, why not just go home, back to my cat and my probably still warm bed and spare myself any kind of trouble' (and let me tell, trouble is definitely awaiting me). But I knew that that wasn't what I wanted to do and if I would have changed mind, I would have deeply regretted it by now. I'm just going to do what I always wanted to do, without looking back ....
And the good thing is I know there's always a home to return back to (as long as my room during the time away will not be turned into a tv room..)

Still sat at Zurich airport now though, with the sun unremittlingly blinding my eyes (que the hot flush) and waiting for the plane to finally depart. But of course, the crew found some sort of malfunction and now we're delayed. I can only hope I'll make it in time to board my connection flight and if not I guess I have no other choice than to go out and explore Madrid. Heard it was quite charming (:

Until then, goodbye for now & hasta luego,


Edit: made it in time of course and now I'm all safe and sound in Cuba. My luggage however didn't seem to make it... But that's a whole other story for its own (:

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