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Thursday, 24 March 2016 Havana Havana

havana craziness!

(spot the dogs)

Half time! Well actually, as I'm writing this I only have two more weeks left here. A bit sad, but to be honest I'm getting kind of bored. Of all the German people at my school and being stuck in one place for most of the time, but that's soon about to change.

I have to say, this week was actually quite intense. Starting off with the first storm and rain I was surprisingly glad to be able to walk through Havana without breaking a sweat in somewhat milder temperatures. Next to that, Obama flew into Havana for a couple of days, creating quite some craze (A guy from school arriving on the same day and a couple minutes before Obama had to first land 2h outside of Havana before being allowed to finally land at the appointed place). Even the locals complained. Although, being delighted and hopeful at what Obama's visit might hold for Cuba, some were afraid of the consequences of something happening to Obama, annoyed by all the blocked roads and the sort of farce made up for him, not really allowing him to see the 'real' Cuba as stated in all the news papers. I actually got myself one of those, the news paper of one of the most important days for the cubans - the first time since 1928 that a US president set foot on Cuba. What a great thing to be a part of.

Additionally, the Rolling Stones are doing a free concert in Havana for everyone to see. You can't even imagine how many people are here. The hotels and casa's are bursting at their seams. First due to the journalists and people wanting to see Obama and now because of Easter holiday and a huuuge free concert. Not sure what to expect tomorrow but knowing the cubans by now, it'll be a huge fiesta.

I actually went to see a Ballet, at the gran teatro de la habana, alicia alfonso and it was amazing. Don't really know what else to say to that.

Kary, my spanish teacher, is still a cheeky little thing, taking us around town without telling her boss and trying to hammer every spanish tiempo into our brains. At least I can now say what my plans for the following weeks are. With Kary and one of her Alumnis (who drove us around for some business negociations?!) we qued 30 minutes for the oh so famous Coppelia's ice cream. Except the amount of ice cream you get for 25 cent it wasn't that special. I swear, ice cream and sandwiches are some sort of national dish here. It's all you can find and the Cubans seem to inhale it in a matter of seconds. My diet's definitely going downhill. 

The day before yesterday, some friends and I once again explored La Habana. We came across this beautiful, african and slave inspired artsy corner where some cuban guys who clearly knew what they were talking about showed us around. And howelse could it be, the blonde in our group soon found herself a date for the night, that would take her salsa dancing - something at that moment I hadn't planned doing and especially not without having taken any classes yet! 
I could explore Havana every single day and discover something new at each corner. Here a little barber shop squeezed into a room smaller than the bathroom at home or there a new little bar that offers even cheaper mojitos than I ever thought possible. Alcohol here is swallowed like water. Lovely.

In the evening we actually ended up eating at a horrible, touristy place and I only got to eat side-dish rice. Again, my healthy diet's going downhill. However, after that ever so filling dinner we made our way over to the Hotel Florida to find the blonde friend and her new friend. Soon enough, after having paid a stupid entrance fee, we found ourselves in a huge room, surrounded by spinning couples dancing like crazy. It was pretty damn fantastic. Somehow, I ended up dancing as well but next to all the pro's and locals I did feel like a rhythmless human being with two left feet. It was definitely fun, but I got to start working on my moves (;

That's it for now. Actually planned on going to Cienfuegos and Trinidad for the weekend, but all the bus tickets are gone and I ended up staying here. A bummer but hopefully I'll go there next week and after that I'll hopefully meet up with some friends from Switzerland!

Going to find some food now and then heading off the Fabrica del Arte, apparently a really cool place at the Malecon.


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