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Monday, 7 September 2015 London, Vereinigtes Königreich

portobello road market and fashionistas

4:47, yep, that's what my alarm is set to for tomorrow. Pretty destructive but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.Last sunday morning I stood up about an hour later than what will await me tomorrow (lucky me!) and made my way over to the Basel Euroairport to catch the cheapest, last minute flight to London Gatwick I was able to book a couple of days earlier. It's been roughly 5 months since I've last set foot on my homely british soil and was not only looking forward to enlarge said footprint but of course finally seeing my father again. To say that 1.75 days here aren't enough is quite an understatement, but being a hardworking, fully booked out (newly) 19-year-old as I am, there really wasn't another possibility, was there? Although it seems like these 1.75 days have gone by in a blink of an eye I've managed to squeeze in a lot more in that short amount of time I ever thought possible. Once again, London has fully blown my mind.

The day I arrived, myself, Dad and Dorothy made our way over to Greenwich park a lovely place set south of the Themse overlooking nearly whole of London and home to the Meridian, oh yeah. Next to one of the universities I've been looking at, there also happened to be a vintage market, which I can tell you was quite delightful. Next to trendy blue denim levi's jeans and pinup dresses one could find the most despicably dressed Londoners sashaying through the markets, some of them even gathering up the courage the shake off their booteeeys  on the dance floor. The characters you see not only at such conventions but London in general are one of the things that constantly pull me out of the oh so prim and proper Zurich and into the unknown, openminded life of London.

Three quarters of my stay in London having past, the next day my dad and I made our way uptown to a place I surprisingly haven't visited in the last couple of years, Portobello Road Market. What a lovely, enchanting part of London found in the posher Notting Hill area where only a few days earlier the Notting Hill Carnival took place. Small little boutiques lined up in houses coloured like rainbows I simply couldn't get my fill of everything to be found there. From unique jewelry (on which I - surprise, surprise - had to splurge), delicious little cafés and vintage stores a true and hip Londoner could find anything his fashionable heart might desire. A perfect place to take perfect blog pictures. As I am not a fashion blogger, I didn't really have the means to take fancy photographs of my oh so fashionable looks. Nevertheless, my dad was so kind to take mercy on me and used me as his 'guinea pig' to experiment with his new camera.

Soon enough we found ourselves in the center of the center, strolling along Regent street and even popping into the gigantic Oxford Street Topshop - much to my delight. Nevertheless, the highlight of the day had to be those three little dogs strapped to the railings in front of one of the houses in Notting Hill. Couldn't stop gushing about them on the way home.

Now I'm sat in the living room, nice and cozy wrapped up in a blanket and cup of tea on the side, writing this post and not believing how much I've done in the last 24h, far too much to be able to jot down in words. However, it is worth mentioning that I finally stocked up in my porridge department and the suitcase, small as it may be, definitely is a kilo or two heavier than when I arrived. Back to work tomorrow and I think that my short trip might feel like a dream as soon as I'm back in Switzerland, I'm still unbelievably grateful for having been able to simply set my behind on an easyjet chair and jetting off for a while. Something I might start doing a bit more often.

A extremely tired, but happy swiss girl logging off, talk to you soon, next time, definitely when I'm in Germany!

Over & out,


Photo creds to the dad.

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