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Sunday, 27 September 2015 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

#1 Homeland Discoveries: Biel

Another week has passed and I was set out on another adventure. This time with a fellow friend of mine in tow. Having lived in Switzerland for so many years, we both realized that we simply have not seen everything this beautiful country had to offer. And now was the time to change that. We found a date, bought our train tickets and soon enough we were on our way to the first stop in our Homeland Discoveries; Biel/Bienne, what a city!

Without a plan in mind or any ideas what we could do in Biel as we exited the main train station we took a look to the left, to the right and then just followed the stream of people into the center of the city. Funnily, that day a culture event was organized. Ethnicities from all over the world that lived in and around Biel met up, set up their stands (where they sold lovely little snacks and bits and pieces) and played their music. It was a delight to experience something like that, especially considering the difficulties at the moment for minorities and the refugees in Switzerland. I couldn't believe how happy everyone there looked. Whether it was a Ethiopian family next to Croats, in between Tibetans and Somalians, they and even the Swiss seemed to get along just fine and together enjoyed a sunny day at the river.  

After walking along the shopping street, that would have eventually lead us to the Old Town *cough* that my dear friend Viviane however, didn't seem to believe, we walked back to the train station, elegantly taking a U-turn and soon found us at the lake. It was a beautiful sight, especially considering the fact that the lake compared to land sights of lake Zurich was encased by little mountains and just gave off completely different vibes than we knew.

We rested our bones and joints at the lake for a while and then gathered ourselves up back again towards the train station. A map was needed so we informed ourselves and again strolled down the shopping street we took before. (; Finally, we found what we were looking for. The historic centre of Biel, and let me tell you, it was a sight to behold. The buildings, little niches and alleys completely captivated me and if I could, I would move into one of the top flats with a roof-deck in no time. Having been on the move since the early hours we soon felt ourselves getting a little hungry. Now we were two animals on the hunt for food.

We asked a local sitting on a cosy chair in front of his house where he'd recommend us to have a little bite. And the restaurant St. Gervais was where we ended up at. It was absolutely delicious and even now typing it makes my mouth water again.

With a full stomach and satisfied in every way, the exploration continued. I had a bit of fit, probably due to the enormous amounts of food I had just consumed, and desperately wanted to mount a fountain. I failed. Nevertheless, we found a couple more beautiful spots and even entered a church, right at the center of the old town, in which we surprisingly found a fish tank with a lonesome fish. Poor guy.

All in all, I again had the pleasure of visiting an amazing place, which didn't even require me to board a plane. Seeing as we had an amazing day, laughing our heads off 80% of the time and simply enjoyed our adventure, Viviane and my tours of Switzerland definitely haven't found an end yet and I'm excited where our travels will lead us next.

Lots of love,

J x

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